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RFP for Construction Release

April 2021



The Salmon Whitewater Park 




Come check out our new wave! 


Check our fb page for new wave feature posts! 


Park Progress Report:  Signs, final landscaping and wave park Year ! planned maintenance will take place throughout 2023.  Founding fish wall to be installed Salmon Riverfest with plaques to be placed later in the summer.  Thank you supporters! 


The Salmon Whitewater Park Associations mission is to facilitate the fundraising, construction and longevity of a whitewater park in Salmon, Idaho for recreational opportunity and to boost the local economy.  

The Salmon Whitewater Park will be essential to our community in the following ways:

  1. Will draw recreation enthusiasts by providing improved access, facilities, recreation and spectating that in turn boosts tourism and revenue to local businesses.  

  2. Will increase civic pride and community identity through historical and interpretive signs and installations, fairs, festivals and events.

  3. Will provide safe and healthy recreation opportunities for youth. 

  4. Will improve Safety, Recreation and Access to River for Community and Tourists


The Salmon Whitewater Park has been thoughtfully designed to provide a safe river experience, improve access and encourage education, recreation and stewardship of the river.   This plan includes creating an in-river wave feature for a variety of users to enjoy complete with a scow replica viewing platform for spectators, improved access, terraced banks, better swimming opportunities, historical, educational and interpretive signs and improved city park facilities. By creating a venue for all types of events, an attraction for spectators, we will increase our community pride, visitor experience and in-town recreation outlets for our youth and river community.  PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR MOST CURRENT PARK DESIGN.


It includes;

  1. Single Wave Whitewater Park Construction & Viewing Areas.  The park currently known as Veterans Memorial Park will be the site of construction for the Salmon Whitewater Park. This park includes 3-season recreational wave opportunities for surfing, swimming and river skills development by building a wave that is safe and consistent and providing access and viewing opportunities for the community and visitors.   The entire bank around the wave will be landscaped to accommodate spectators, large events and all user groups using grouted in boulders.  

  2. Improving Access & Stewardship.  This project would not only improve current launch sites and signage but also incorporate interpretive signs that celebrate the important fish and wildlife species that inhabit these waters and the river history of the Salmon River Valley.  The park will improve signage on fishing regulations, species identification, river etiquette and will be offering classes and encouraging volunteers to help care for the site of the wave park and Island Park in general.

  3. Young Families Water Recreation Area.  The channel that borders the park on the river left (west side) will be developed into a play area for young families with children.  Large boulders create shallow swimming areas and improve access from Island Park parking area.  

  4. Events & Education Facilities.  In addition to the landscaped grounds for spectating and general public use, the site will also include an outdoor classroom with tables and shade/cover for use when conducting field trips, classes, events and competitions.  SWPA is actively involved in promoting and hosting river skills, safety, stewardship, education, kayaking classes to our youth and community. 

  5. Salmon Riverfest is an annual fundraiser for the Salmon Whitewater Park and a celebration of our great rivers, the outdoors and the community we live in. Salmon’s history is intimately connected to the river.  We want to celebrate and encourage those connections and resources through films, classes, music, art, history, education and opportunity.  Future Salmon Riverfest events are slated to include surf competitions for surfers, kayakers and river boarders that attract spectators and tourist attendance.  Other events include Youth & Adult River Runner, Kayaking and Safety Classes, Gear Swaps and Winter Film Festivals.  

  6. No Cost to City or the Residents. SWPA is bringing this feature through design, permitting and construction to Salmon at no cost to the residents or City of Salmon.



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